Who We Are

Little white studio is a home art studio nestled on the hillside of east Banora.

It's your go-to place for all things creative. The place where you can enjoy discovering the amazing world of art and creativity. Be guided through and discover what you are capable of. As we help you in developing your own unique style within our classes.



Hi, I'm Jenna.

Owner and artist here at Little White Studio. I’ve spent my whole life as a creative soul. It all started in the sleepy village of Burringbar in the Tweed Valley with the mountains of creative messes as a young child that never ended. I'm sure my creative messes drove my parents up the wall. Art has always been my passion in life it's the one thing I always come back to.


I find myself continuously moving from one medium to the next as I’ve found them all so intriguing. Experimenting in so many styles and learning so much. My desire for all things creative never stops. I continue to move through life with art as my muse.


I am a qualified Artist and qualified Art teacher. For the past 12 years, I have pursued these passions.


Been a mum and leading a busy lifestyle made me realise how important having the balance right was. If I’m to give back to the people I care most about the I needed to have my ‘me’ time. It makes me a better human “I swear’


I invite you to join me in my studio as I share my passions with you and hopefully help you discover some of your own.