Jenna-Lee Balk

Jenna-Lee has spent her whole life as a creative soul. Growing up in the beautiful hinterland of the Tweed Valley and Byron Bay the places she has found herself have become her inspiration. 

She intuitively paints using her recollection of the place, childhood memories and the feeling of nostalgia. Letting the brush flow, guide and take her back to beautiful memories. The Giant palms of Mt Warning that seem to stretch forever,  nostalgic rainbows, the breaking shorelines off the East Coast and the land that we walk. “Nostalgia is anchored in the past and holds a trajectory that we choose for the future” 

Her works are created with consideration of those who have come before us and thoughts of respect to the traditional owners of the land and in particular the Bundjalung Nation.

Jenna-Lee is a qualified Visual Artist an Art teacher and as a mum to three little boys she finds herself shifting back to painting more and more “I want people to feel what I feel when I’m in these places a sense of peace, calm and carefreeness that is invoked within me when I paint”. 

“I use my art as a way of escaping, it's my relaxation, my happy place. And I want it to become your happy place too” 



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Original Artworks


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